While the evening might be the most common time of day to have sex, the afternoon is a fantastic window you might want to explore if you’re not already. Think of it as a great way to break up the day, reenergize and relieve some stress, or put yourself in a way better mood for the evening ahead.

We spoke with a few experts to find out what’s so great about getting it on before the sun sets, and it turns out, there’s quite a lot.

Ride the energy high (quite literally)
Most people have more energy and a better attention span in the afternoons than they do at night. “The afternoon delight is a particularly delicious sexual scenario for couples who choose it, because it’s a time of day where both partners feel energized and inspired,” says Dana B. Myers, the founder of the beauty brand Booty Parlor and author of stress chemical cortisol is finally laying off (it’s highest in the morning), testosterone levels peak,” says Laurel House, the resident sex expert for adult toy website My First Blush.

While some people are big fans of starting the morning with some fun, for some, the mornings might just be too stressful of time for sex. “Especially for Type A personalities, the moment they wake up in the morning, their mind is already racing with to-do’s and action items for the day,” says House. While sex might help take the edge off, you might not be totally present.

In other words, you’re more likely to be relaxed and horny in the afternoons, and because your body is naturally stronger and more flexible in the late afternoon, your perceived exertion is lower. Translation: you can go longer, harder, and faster without feeling out of breath.

Find your rhythm
You can think of your circadian rhythm as an internal 24-hour clock that regulates the sleep and wake cycles of your body. “Some people have circadian rhythms that make it so that they are bright and frisky early in the morning while others come online later in the day,” says Kongit Farrell, a licensed marriage, family and sex therapist.

If you’re looking to have more afternoon sex, pay attention to when your sweetie gets out of bed. “For males, testosterone levels tend to be highest right after they wake up, so if you’re a woman who’s looking for a little ‘afternoon delight’ your best chance might be with a man who naturally wakes up later in the day,” says Farrell.

Finding the sweet spot (of day)
You may have to schedule this one with your partner to make it work, but that can offer some very hot sexting opportunities that’ll surprise your sweetie. Skip the gym and break an afternoon sweat that will leave you both smiling.

So, what part of the afternoon is best? That really depends on your day and your own schedule, but when you find that sweet spot that feels right for you and your honey, go for it. “3 p.m. is definitely happy hour!” agrees Laurel House, resident sex expert for My First Blush.