Hey there! LOLA co-founders Alex and Jordana here. We wanted to fill you in on something cool that we just launched this week.

Earlier this year, we embarked on a journey to become the first lifelong brand for a woman’s body with the introduction of Sex by LOLA. In launching this new category, we’ve found that although we’ve definitely made progress, sex is still a touchy subject. Women oftentimes still feel stigmatized when it comes to discussing sex with their partners, friends, and even their doctors.

We believe candid conversations drive change, so in order to help normalize the conversation even more, we’ve kicked off the “Let’s talk about it” campaign to encourage open dialogue around sex and corresponding topics.

Starting this week, you can call 1-662-HEY-LOLA to hear messages from Lena Dunham on sex post-surgery; Latham Thomas on our birthright to orgasm; Shan Boodram on period sex as great sex; Bethany C. Meyers on opening up about your sexuality; and Dr. Corina Dunlap on libido.

Join the conversation by leaving your own message; you might even get a call back from one of them! And if you’re in New York, come stop by our mural on North 10th Street between Berry and Wythe in Williamsburg. See you there!

To read more about how women are thinking, feeling, and talking about sex in 2018, check out our State of Sex survey.

Jordana and Alex's connection dates back to college. Alex was in an organization that secretly stocked campus bathrooms with tampons (really), and one desperate day, Jordana grabbed a few in the dining hall bathroom, thankful for whoever had placed them there. It was fate that they would one day meet! After adventures in business school and stints at various tech companies, they're building LOLA because they want to be informed and in control of the products they're putting in their bodies. And, of course, because they love talking about tampons.